To Friends, a Letter

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Partridge Financial, a firm dedicated to helping you achieve financial security! The goal of this independent firm is to work closely with you in order to help you accomplish the following:

  • Truly getting to know you - many financial firms are too interested in their agendas, not yours.
  • Provide an independent approach to accessing successful financial partners specializing in today's most advanced investment products.
  • Ensure that every investment aligns with your overall financial situation - you will not be pushed into models or investment products.

Over the years, I have asked clients a number of questions ranging from the light and fun questions to the very provocative. There are several templates and licensed products that I have utilized in my practice. Many of them detail your values, priorities, and dreams. Few of them focus on the most important step which is taking action! Implementation of the strategy is the hardest part. I am committed to helping you hand-craft the solution that is best for you.

Recently, I took the opportunity to address my own situation with questions such as:

  • If you could write your eulogy, how would it read?
  • Are you in touch with your purpose for being here on earth?
  • What are you doing to be fulfilled in order to live your dream?

I would be glad to share my answers to these questions and would like to discuss your situation with similar questions in the backdrop. Are you interested having a financial advisor truly know you at this level? Take ACTION! Please call me at 605-791-7278 or 1-866-354-2757. Let's discuss YOU!



Jeffrey D. Partridge

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