About Nate Schneider



Nate is a Financial Planning Assistant who grew up in a small farming community near Alton, Iowa.  He went to South Dakota State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a Minor in Accounting.

Nate is married to Maggie and they have a baby girl named Viva June. In 2016, the Schneiders built a house outside of Whitewood. Nate is an active member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Spearfish and he enjoys everything in the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing which has endeared him to The Black Hills Sportsmen.

With a background in the insurance business, Nate brings experience in helping clients with risk management strategies in Life & Health / Disability / Long Term Care that may be helpful with your overall financial plan.  He is focused on figuring out the rubric of tailored financial plans and how insurance mitigates the risk of the "what if?" for your financial plan.

On a daily basis, Nate is helping to serve clients with their comprehensive financial plan. He is a valuable member of the team!