Causes we support

At Partridge Financial, giving back to our community and world is an important part of our belief system.  There are several organizations that we support, here are two examples:

Bridges Of Hope - West African Orphanage

In 2005, a few like minded individuals from Rapid City, South Dakota purchased a 50 acre “farm” in Liberia for the purpose of building a school and orphanage to meet the educational and physical needs of the many orphan children living nearby. Even though they had recently come out of a civil war, there is hope in the eyes of all you meet. Hope for an education. Hope for the future. Hope for a better life.

Rushmore Hockey Association

The intensity of hockey can only be fully appreciated after witnessing a live game. Memorable sounds include the sharp cut of a power turn, the force of a slap shot, the ping of a puck off the post, and of course, the thundering of boards from a well delivered check.  Hockey is fast paced, physically and mentally demanding, requires teamwork, and is an adrenaline rush.  It is also safe since kids wear lots of protective gear and are well trained.  Hockey is one of the most exciting sports to be a part of – whether you are a player, fan, or both.   It is evident that Western South Dakota is embracing hockey as it grows in popularity with over 350 kids participating in this sport today!