Going Strong for a Dozen Years






In 2007, Jeff Partridge had an Idea.  What if we could create a truly independent firm that was entirely focused on quality service and delivering the best ideas?

It has been nearly a dozen years.  We have outstanding clients to thank for trusting us to help them achieve financial security.  Thank you for your confidence, friendship, loyalty and referrals. 

Jeff continues to serve in the South Dakota Legislature.  He has been on the Appropriations Committee for 4 years helping to modify and approve the 4.6Billion budget for the State of South Dakota.  Through his contacts and leadership, Jeff gains a unique insight to the local economy and state law.  He has broadened his knowledge base on a wide array of topics, which will surely has enriched conversations near and far.  The call to community service is a vital part of who we are at Partridge Financial.  Jeff feels that he can serve best in this capacity.

During this time and when it ends, Nate Schneider stands ready to take on the challenge of Junior Representative at Partridge Financial.  Now in his 5th year, Nate is doing an excellent job helping clients with service issues and financial strategy.  Nate specializes in personal financial strategies including Insurance solutions that benefit families.  He is doing very well and looks forward to your call and learning how we can improve your experience as a client or colleague!